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The mission of the SWC is to maintain a healthy, functioning Stillaguamish Watershed by providing a local forum in which agencies, organizations, communities, and the public can engage in a collaborative watershed based process of decision making and coordination.

Adopted by consensus November 15, 2000

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About the Capacity Fund

Every two years, Puget Sound Lead Entities are awarded funding from the Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration (PSAR) funds. 6% of the funding is reserved for a "capacity fund", money designed to assist watershed partners in participating in salmon recovery efforts.

In 2007, the Stillaguamish Watershed Council decided to utilize this money to establish the “Stillaguamish Capacity Fund”, a small grant process that watershed partners can apply to for support. Many WRIA 5 stakeholders and partners do not have the staff or resources to participate in meaningful salmon recovery efforts. This additional funding allows more agency, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and individuals to apply for and implement recovery efforts.

The Stillaguamish Capacity Fund continues to receive money every two years for this effort. All organizations, individuals, agencies and businesses performing Chinook salmon recovery work are eligible to apply for the Stillaguamish Capacity Fund.


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