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The mission of the SWC is to maintain a healthy, functioning Stillaguamish Watershed by providing a local forum in which agencies, organizations, communities, and the public can engage in a collaborative watershed based process of decision making and coordination.

Adopted by consensus November 15, 2000

Each year the Technical Advisory Group prepares a report that does three things:

Measures our progress toward implementation of the Recovery Plan

Measures the effectiveness of actions or programs implemented

Measures current levels of three (3) viable salmonid population (VSP) parameters; Abundance, Productivity, and Diversity. These VSP parameters are the ultimate measure of the success of our efforts and validate the Recovery Plan, its strategy and assumptions.

The TAG examines the progress and, if necessary, creates recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are presented to the Stillaguamish Watershed Council. It is up to the SWC to take further action, such as direct the TAG to make technical changes or to recommend potential policy changes.

This is adaptive management.

The first report, called a “Monitoring and Adaptive Management Report”, was for the progress made in 2005, the year the Recovery Plan was finalized and adopted by the SWC.

The information for the report is gathered in the winter and spring of the following year and the report is generally presented to the SWC in late summer or early fall.

Monitoring and Adapive Management Reports

Future versions of this report will be part of our Biennium Report submitted to the Puget Sound Partnership

2012 Final M&AM Report

2011 Final M&AM Report
2011 Final M&AM Spreadsheet

2010 Final M&AM Report

2009 Final M&AM Report
2009 Final M&AM Spreadsheet

2008 Final M&AM Report
2008 Final M&AM Spreadsheet

2007 Final M&AM Report
2007 Final M&AM Spreadsheet

2006 Final M&AM Report

2005 Final M&AM Report

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