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The mission of the SWC is to maintain a healthy, functioning Stillaguamish Watershed by providing a local forum in which agencies, organizations, communities, and the public can engage in a collaborative watershed based process of decision making and coordination.

Adopted by consensus November 15, 2000

The Three Year Work Plan (Now the Four Year Work Plan) is a tool the SWC uses to track and fund current projects in the watershed. Each watershed in Puget Sound has a Four Year Work Plan, and they are all posted on the Puget Sound Partnership's website.

For more information on the Stillaguamish Four Year Work Plan, contact Donald "Kit" Crump.

The 2014-2016 Narrative and all future speadsheets will be part of the Biennium Report we submit to the Puget Sound Partnership.

2014-2016 Spreadsheet

2013-2015 Narrative
2013-2015 Spreadsheet

2012-2014 Narrative
2012-2014 Spreadsheet

2011-2013 Narrative
2011-2013 Spreadsheet

2010-2012 Narrative
2010-2012 Spreadsheet

2009-2011 Narrative
2009-2011 Spreadsheet

2008-2010 Narrative
2008-2010 Spreadsheet

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